Bet on your brand, bet on television.

APOSTA is an integral consultancy and management company for the hiring of "brand placement" in television, traditional and online productions.

We are professionals with more than a decade of experience in the location of all kinds of brands, products, services and institutional campaigns and social responsibility in television series, movies and entertainment programs.

The "product placement" is the most effective and natural way to arrive with a message to a target audience, also obviating the traditional loss of audience that is the zapping in traditional advertising on television.

Brands that appear on TV are not there by chance ... they are put on purpose, they are put APOSTA.

More than a decade helping brands, institutions and producers.

We have staff, highly qualified and specialized in the comprehensive management of brand placement and product locations in audiovisual productions, and with experience in exclusive management in such successful television series as Padre Casares, Matalobos, Chapa e pintura, Serramoura, Urxencia Cero , TAC or Viradeira; tv movies such as Vacas, porcos e zapatos de tacón; or entertainment programs such as Son de Estrelas, Buscando estrelas, Made in Galicia or A terra dos prodixios. All of them premiered at the prime time of Televisión de Galicia and its international channels for Europe and America, some issued in a dubbed version or adapted for other regional channels, or broadcast on national channels from other countries such as the United States or Russia.We also have experience in the management of assignments for production, even in history series or channels that do not contemplate the inclusion of product placement, such as TVE.

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